Welcome to East-West Eurotas

The East-West Eurotas Foundation is active in the field of Transpersonal Psychology. East-West Eurotas is a proud member of the international Eurotas network. The foundation is based in the Netherlands and has a strong connection with Eastern Europe.

On this page you will find a brief overview of the past and present of the foundation. Enjoy reading, and please contact me if you like to learn more about East-West Eurotas and the interesting field of Transpersonal Psychology.

Kind regards,

Ank van Gulik
President of the East-West Eurotas Foundation

Telephone: 010 42 13 098
E-mail: ankvangulik@icloud.com

How did it all start?

In 1983, during a conference in Davos (Switserland), three people had the idea to organize a European Transpersonal Foundation: these were Marie-Francoise Louche, André Pastelidas and Steven de Batselier. These creative persons had the vision and goal to organize an European conference with the theme the ‘Transpersonal’.

We organized research into many different scientific disciplines that addressed the items:

  • What is reality?
  • How to work with spiritual teachers?
  • How to start a dialogue and bridge the different scientific disciplines to arrive at a new paradigm?
  • Is reality transpersonal?

Over the years, the theme of the conferences slowly developed more in the direction of psychology. It has been a great pleasure to experience the continuity of EUROTAS over time.

Upcoming events: Holotropic Breathwork Workshop

At the International Transpersonal Conference Prague 2017, Stanislav Grof will lead a workshop on Holotropic Breathwork. We invite you to move towards wholeness by experiencing holotropic breathwork, led by its founder Stanislav Grof in the country of his birth. Together with the international team of instructors, they will guide you through the experience of non-ordinary states of consciousness with remarkable healing and transformative potential. Grof’s work with holotropic states of consciousness has introduced revolutionary changes to psychiatry, psychology, and psychotherapy.

September 25-27, 2017

More info on: ICT Prague 2017 Workshop

Initiator and inspirator Dr. Rumold Mol


In memoriam: Rumold Mol

In 1985, Rumold Mol invited people from six different countries to his house in the south of France. This was the start of the EUROTAS Foundation and Rumold Mol was elected vice president. In 1990 a large 4-day congress was held in Strasbourg (France).

With the fall of the ‘iron curtain’ Rumold established the East-West Eurotas Foundation in the Netherlands. Transpersonal teachers were sent to Eastern Europe. All of us in ITANT gave our services for free. The magazine began as a simple newsletter and developed into a very nice magazine laid out by a professional graphic designer (also for free!). Very soon it developed into a large organization with over 700 members. Every year a conference was held in the Netherlands.

Dr. Rumold S.M. Mol (1926-2008) died on 6 September 2008. Rumold was a person who inspired many people in the development of transpersonal medicine. He was also editor-in-chief of the magazine PANTA. He was a kind and very friendly man and we all miss him.

“For almost twenty years Rumold and I were together in many areas of life. The very first ITANT conference was held in the Netherlands in 1986. I was also there, and for many years coordinated the study groups that Rumold had initiated. Rumold carried and nurtured this organization for many years, and with his great creativity and vision kept it full of life.

If I think of Rumold’s lifespan in terms of the great and wonderful myths, then I see him as a warrior. A ‘fighter’ using weapons of peace for a goal that he saw as being very important: the expansion of the consciousness in many layers of our worldwide population. The early conference days that we arranged together with a small group were meaningful and serious and full of fun.

For me he was a vital and strong man, who scattered stardust and sand in my eyes so that I would ‘see’ only his vitality and not his age. We had many joyful and serious years together – for which I am very grateful. Besides this gratitude I now have a barren feeling of terrible loss. Our last great journey together was to the Eastern bloc countries, where we found and made many friends. Rumold has left me with an impressive worldwide network and many dear friends.”

With love, Ank van Gulik

Romania and the letter from President Ion Iliescu

East-West Eurotas has always had a strong connection with Romania. In 2003 we had a conference in the Carpatian Mountain resort Sinaia. During the conference we received a letter from Ion Iliescu, the President of Romania, telling us that he was proud that the Transpersonal organization had chosen to hold a meeting in his country.

In 2013 the15th EUROTAS conference was held in Chişinău, Moldova, the country bordering Romania.

An overview of the history of East-West Eurotas is available for download here.